Narrative Essay

Topics: High school, Driver's license, Driving Pages: 2 (589 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Casey Evans
Becoming Independent
Life is going to have a million turning points. I’ve realized what you make of those turning points proves who you are. When things get tough you really can’t give up, keep going. Moving on is not simple, but when you realize what has past is in the past, you’ve learned a great lesson. Senior year is the most important of my high school career, so far it’s been full of high and low points. Starting in the summer getting dumped by your best friend; well I thought was not a good starting off point. I felt so alone and upset and never thought I would enjoy the summer break without him. Knowing I had been very dependent on him for a long time, made me weak. Who would have thought a high school relationship wouldn’t last; I didn’t. Middle of summer I started my yearly job as a camp counselor at the Tampa Jewish Community Center, finally opening up to meeting new people I became practically family with, I found myself thinking “this isn’t so bad”. Using all of my energy being responsible with children everyday made everything much easier and I was happy. Things became tougher again when my summer job ended and I had to say goodbyes to friends I knew I wouldn’t see very often. Going home I approached an unfamiliar car in my driveway, thinking to myself, “my mom has a new boyfriend?” Never in my life had I seen that car. As I dragged along moping inside, dropping all my bags in the doorway and I hear my mom yell “how do you like it?” I answered,”whose car is in the driveway?” “Yours” she said. Instantly feeling excitement rush through me, I took off running outside screaming and jumping all around until I couldn’t anymore. I then realized I didn’t have my license. Remembering anyways that it was about time to go and take my final Drivers test to see if I was capable to be an official licensed driver. With my stomach in a knot my mom added that I needed a lot of practice, so we took off with my drivers permit. Driving alone was...
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