Narrative 1(Work Experience)

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In order to complete my 2nd professional practice (work experience for University), I worked as an Assistant Administrator Engineer for Ingenieria y Construccion B&L Ltda from January to March, 2006, at the construction of two restaurants, Parrilla Grill, and China Grill at the Plaza Oeste Mall located in Santiago City.

My labour was very variable; I developed the budget, Gantt chart, drinking water and waste water system drawings and supervising installation works. Besides making engineering calculations, and the corresponding Iteming, I had to produce drawings using AutoCAD and also do several other office tasks.

This company was located in Santiago, the capital city of Chile.


The Construction and Engineering Company, B&L Limited, functions as building diverse commercial spaces such as: restaurants, bars, shops, etc. At that time B&L principally worked alongside Technical Restaurants S.A. RESTECSA a sister company that owns several fast food restaurants throughout the country such as Burger Inn, Meiling, Daily Topics, Vitto’s Pizza, and some others. Those restaurants are usually located in Malls, Airports, and in the downtown of the principal cities of Chile. N1.1

Construction and Engineering B&L Limited is a small company that was created in 1995. It was a Society founded by 3 Engineers, one of those whom I worked for was Mr. Gustavo Vargas Zurita. N1.2

Construction and Engineering B&L Limited has been working for many years on different steel structures, houses, warehouses, and piping for the iron and steel industry Gerdau Aza and furthermore as a contractor for the government. After a period of time, Mr. Gustavo Vargas Zurita, a Mechanical Engineer, began to work building many fast food restaurants in Santiago the capital city, Antofagasta in the 2nd region, Los Angeles in 8th region, Temuco in 9th region and Puerto Montt in 10th region. N1.3

It was for such reason that the company was highly recommended to work on the new project of building a China Grill (Chinese food) and Parrilla Grill (barbeque) Restaurants, making up an area of about approximately 700m2 in Plaza Oeste Mall in Santiago. N1.4

In January 2006, I was employed for my second professional practice to work as an Assistant Administrator Engineer to help in each and every requirement made by the company to manage to develop the project within time to fulfil the expectations of the company and the community. N1.5

My personal objective in this company was to learn as much as possible and participate in all aspects of the project and to contribute considerably with my work and knowledge, in other words put into practice what I had learnt at the University. N1.6

In this project this was the organization chart:



My main responsibility was to design the drinking water and waste water system drawings, to organize the materials needed for making the corresponding engineering calculations. I also had to supervise installation work, develop budgets, Gantt chart and office work. N1.7

My first task was being in-charge of budgets, using the drawings made by the Mall Plaza Architects to carry out the new engineering calculation needed to recalculate the budgets sent to us (B&L Limitada). This was due to the fact that Technical Restaurants S.A. RESTECSA had reduced the financial terms from over $170.000 USD to less than $120.000 USD, reaching a final amount of $113.000 USD. Meanwhile, I made the Gantt chart in the project program ending up with a 3 months schedule. N1.8

After finishing the budgets, I began the hot and cold water system drawings for both restaurants including each: N1.9

-First level: 1 Kitchen, 1 bar, 1 toilet for handicapped, and a water font. - Second Level: 2 toilets (considering showers) for the workers, 2 toilets for guests

To satisfy the requirements of the Chilean standards this was the chosen system: N1.10

➢ Hot water thermo...
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