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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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Taking a Risk

Life is full of risks, and that is what makes it so much more exciting. I took a risk in life when I moved from my country to the USA. This risk required me to walk through an unknown door. I quickly learned that in order to take a risk, I had to step outside of my regular life. If I had not taken that step to go out and try something new, I would not have learned how to survive in a new environment. We learn things in life by doing, and if we do not try things, there will be no growth.

When I prepared my luggage and my family's, I felt something strange telling me "You will get the happiness over there.", I went to the capital of my country to complete all the necessary applications for travel. After I got the approval from the USA embassy, I felt happy. Next day I went back to my city that I came from to inform the rest of my family that I am going to travel out of this country to starting a new life over there.

I found some troubles belongs my story because all my relatives and my friend known that I already have all the needs to live here, for example, home, job, car and the relationships. Finally I flayed from my country toward the USA with some happy memories and moments carried in my brain.

At my first day in the USA, I felt that I am a strange person, new language and new culture. Day after day with a few patients, I have felt that I got a better life to me and to my family. My daughter going to pre-schools and I attended a college with my wife in addition with my job.

In the end I found enjoyment in the ride of risk-taking. If I went back to the day I had the thought of going to the USA, I would have told myself the same thing, “Go for it.”