Say Hi or Die

Topics: Gun Control, Handgun, Firearm Pages: 3 (650 words) Published: October 4, 2011
Say Hi or Die

Before Reading

1. After living 23 years in my country, Feeling some of the worst fears a human being can take. In a nation that is ranked as one of the worst places to live, I have had a happy childhood; perhaps I did not pay attention to what was around me. All the problems began when I grew up, so my family and I (my beautiful wife and six month old son) decided to go to USA. We arrived to Florida, since that, I can tell our lives have changed masses. The tranquility is something you do not want to put in risk, less when you have 5 children to raise. In Canada the peace is in the air, people are so friendly, you feel like in family.

2. We have been in many big cities like Miami, San Francisco, Atlanta, Tampa, Orlando, Bogotá, Ottawa and Toronto.

3. The least safe city that we have lived in is Bogotá.

4. I have been in California, but not in Los Angeles.

5. When I think in this particular city, beaches, bikini girls, nice cars, and movies come right up to my mind.

During Reading

1. Mr. Freed lived in Montreal before moving to Los Angeles.

2. As long as you have a valid driver’s license and fill a small registration form. The man in the store said, “You can have a gun”.

3. It is dangerous to look other drivers, because they might be looking at you. And you do not know what they are thinking or what they want to do. So keep your sight straight. If you look different

4. It is easier for the Americans to throw people on the jail after they got in trouble, instead of schooling the community and disarm them before something go wrong.

5. I think is better to avoid than regret. So I do not agree with the author.

6. Hi or Die, for me is that you have to be friendly and stay away of dangerous situations. After Reading

1. Getting used to the life in Los Angeles. Mr. freed, see how a city of 3.5 million people had 1.100 homicides last year, a fired employee slaughtered...
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