Naomi Alderman: Facts about Obesity

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  • Published : February 13, 2013
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Alderman describes the problem with great success that gets the reader’s attention. She introduces the problem by explaining common causes of obesity, which are addressed in Michelle Obama’s campaign recently. Referring to the nation’s first lady to address her issue, Alderman intensifies the problem so the reader can “see” it better. She then quotes the Center for Disease Control and Prevention statistic that “one of three children in this country is overweight or obese.” The author also uses statistics and facts to dramatize the problem making the reader actually “feel” the problem, thus appealing to their pathos. She evokes a sense of anxiousness for the parents because they may feel surprised and worried if their children have the same problem with obesity. To inspire such pathos and to further convince the reader that the problem must be solved, she applies logos. She explains that if action is not taken, many kids are at risk for Type 2 diabetes and heart disease. In addition, by referring to Michelle Obama and giving credit to a study and relevant sources, she also establishes her ethos. By creating pathos, logos, and ethos while describing the problem, Alderman is very effective in giving the problem presence. Alderman is also very successful in describing her solution; she does a terrific job of enhancing the power of her proposal through striking visual texts. Each element in her solution is emphasized with capitalized, bold headings such as “FACE THE FACTS.” Within these categories are her recommendations to all parents. She speaks directly to them and her goal is to inform them of new information about what they can do to keep their family healthy and avoid childhood obesity. Using the visual technique, Alderman creates a sense of trustworthiness, which appeals to her audience to do what is recommended.
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