Naarismaa Talu

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Wellness and SPA Service Design and Management
Sustainable Development

Andriy Mozhyn

Wellness Hotel Development Plan

Wellness Hotel Development Plan

Our project is oriented on real experience, so it's better to write this assignment about real object. It is hostel of my friend and a decision to write about it came when I arrived there at the second time. It's obvious that rural tourism will be future of the wellness hotels development. People need to re-feel their connection with nature, to re-believe in the power of nature and in God's love.

So, this development plan is for real place. Hostel named Naarismaa is located 21 kilometer near Parnu, on the road to Riga. It is very convenient location, right on Via Baltic highway. Nearest airports are in Riga (170 km) and in Tallinn (150 km). Nearest big cities are Parnu (20 km) and Tartu (164 km). Nearest seaport is Parnu town. As you can see, it is very easy to reach this place.

| | |Picture 1. Old stone house |

Overview of place
Naarismaa talu consists of 4 buildings. The first one (on the picture 1) is really old. It was built in the beginning of XX century. Here, in this house, electric sauna is located now.

Second building (pic.2) is the wooden sauna house. It was built in traditional estonian style. Sauna is heated by wood, and it is looking very distinctive.

| | |Picture 2. Wooden sauna house |

Third building (pic.3) is the main building, there are living rooms, kitchen and dining room.

Forth building (pic.4) is the place, where owner is living, also bigger part of this house is a small museum of local culture.

Development plan.
Architecture and design specifications
The main idea of architecture and place renovation is to save rural energy of this place, but make it more comfortable and appropriate for wellness guests. If it would possible, we will save position and all old buildings, but, may be, change their usage. I would recommend to build several small living cottages deeper in the forest, because now it is hostel, so we need to change many things to make place more attractive for Inner decoration would be in rural but luxurious style. It's possible to use renovated showpieces from museum in decoration.

Building 1: There will be reception and warehouse. Initially it was a warehouse, and the main feature of this house was the ability to keep low temperature during summer without any technical equipment. Building 2. There will be SPA-center. Wouldn't it be nice to save old traditional sauna, just renovate it. Of course, we will enlarge and renovate that building inside, but very important to adhere to the chosen direction and save rural style of all complex. Building 3. The biggest house in that complex, it will be apartments' place. It is possible to organize 7-8 separate entrances, so wellness guests should be fill themselves comfortable and happy; dining room will be there too. Building 4. Good place for staff and kitchen. And, of course, it is very important to save small museum, but we have to understand how to organize it in the right way.

Energy-saving techniques for waste, water and power.

That region isn't very sunny, but really windy, so it's possible to buy few wind turbines to get energy from wind. Also we will use geothermal heat pumps to heat buildings during winter time.

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