Indian Tourism

Topics: Maldives, India, Tourism Pages: 1 (310 words) Published: May 28, 2013
As a result of scientific developments the distances have been reduced and vast world has become unified and cohesive. Man has conquered time and space and has made the world short. On account of very fast and safe means of travel, a man can have breakfast in delhi,lunch in Mumbai and dinner at Kolkata in the same day This safe and speed travel across devise in people to travel different parts of country is to gain knowledge. It has brought about a considerable increase in volume of traffic of tourist. It is impossible not to be astonished by India. Nowhere on Earth does humanity present itself in such a dizzying, creative burst of cultures and religions, races and tongues. Every aspect of the country presents itself on a massive, exaggerated scale, worthy in comparison only to the superlative mountains that overshadow it. For this reason there is a large inflow of tourist every year in India. It is estimated that every year in India around 5.1 million foreign tourists arrive. This project has been made to exhibit the importance of tourism in India. It covers all the four zones in India-north, south, east and west, bringing to you the beauty of India. A part of this project can also be used as a travel guide since it has covered all the important tourist destinations of India.It also gives an account on the development schemes that has been undertaken by thed Indian government to improve tourism in India. A lot of advantages of tourism are there as well.In this project all those advantage as well as the disadvantages of having tourism is listed.So this project gives an detail account on the tourism in India.for this reason I hope that after reading this project you will gain a lot of knowledge about INDIAN TOURISM.
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