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1. What is the main purpose of Greek and Roman Mythology?
* The main purpose of Green and Roman Mythology is to portray how the human race thought and felt ages ago. 2. What is the first written record of Greece called, and who was the author? * The Iliad ,written by Homer.

3. What do the myths show us about early Greeks?
* Myths show us that the Greeks had vivid imaginations and how the people acted like. 4. Why did the portrayal of Zeus change over time?
* The portrayal of Zeus changed because the writer’s changed Zeus to a type of god need at the time to worship and because men grew conscious of what life demanded of them. Chapter 1 & 2

1. What did the Greeks believe about the origins of the gods and the universe? * That the universe created the gods.

2. Who were the first parents, and who were their children and grandchildren? * Heaven and Earth were the first parents. The Titans were their children; the gods were their grandchildren. 3. How did Homer describe Olympus?

4. Give the Roman names for the following gods and goddesses: Zeus, Hades, Artemis, Hermes, and Hestia. * Zeus = Jupiter; Hades = Pluto; Artemis = Diana; Hermes = Mercury; Hestia = Vesta

5. Give the Greek names for these gods and goddesses: Juno, Neptune, Minerva, Venus, Mars, Vulcan.
* Juno = Hera; Neptune = Poseidon; Minerva = Pallas Athena; Venus = Aphrodite; Mars = Ares; Vulcan = Hephaestus.

6. How was the will of Zeus revealed at the oracle at Dodona? * The priests at the oracle interpreted the rustling of the oak leaves.

7. Describe the breastplate, bird, and tree that symbolize Zeus. * The breastplate was the aegis, his bird was the eagle, and the oak was his tree.

8. What was the dual relationship between Zeus and Hera?
* Hera was both the wife and sister of Zeus.
9. Describe Hera’s personality.
* She was the protector of marriage. She was usually portrayed as angry and...
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