Mystery Egg

Topics: Indonesia, Family, Grandparent Pages: 2 (559 words) Published: May 12, 2013
It is such as a very nice to tell you about my activities on my holiday. I know I'm not as young as you. You're a student aren't you and I'm not a student anymore. I'm working as a government employee but I hope you will read my story because I want to improve my English.

Well Whiz, as a six days employer I don't have much time for holiday, only on Sunday that I have one. Usually, I just do clean up my house and some other stuff. I will not tell you about that Sunday activities but I'm going to tell you about my long vacation when I was a student at University, when I have long holidays during my university's study break, I went to travel to Java.

I went by bus from my hometown, Bengkulu to Jakarta and stay for few days there with my uncle and his family. In Jakarta, I just spent my time by watching movie at 21 (twenty one) and met some of my friends. Few days after I traveled to Jogjakarta by train to my grandparents's house. I spent longer days there by visiting Malioboro, Borobudur, Prambanan and Keraton Jogjakarta. I almost got lost there because I seldom to go there. I just asked the police when I got lost. Fortunately, they were very helpful. It happened when I visited Borobudur and Prambanan temple. From the bus station I went to Prambanan first and after walking around for few hours I traveled to Borobudur. Unfortunately, there wasn't bus from Prambanan to Borobudur so I was so confused. I asked the security man at Prambanan and he suggested me to go back to the bus station. So, I went to Borobudur by bus again from the station. The view during my way to Borobudur is very interesting, so greenly. After arriving at Borobudur I step up its stairs. It was too tiring because Borobudur has many stairs. I met some Indonesian and foreigners there. It was interesting because I can talk in English with them to improve my English. I'm excited because there isn't any foreigner in my hometown. We took some pictures. I bought some souvenirs there and have lunch...
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