My Three Greatest Strengths

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Donna Harley
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Rhonda VanSickle
February 14, 2011
Assignment: My Three Greatest Strength Essay

My Three Greatest Strengths

Years ago, a good friend said to me, “Donna you are my mentor.” I could only smile, because I wasn’t sure what the word meant. Or maybe, I should say, me? I had to find my old dusty dictionary and look up the word Mentor. I knew the meaning , but never thought someone would say it to me, especially someone older than myself. The next time I saw her, I thanked her for the compliment and said to her, I never thought of myself as something special. She gave me a warm smile and said to me, “That’s your human nature. My three greatest strengths are Christianity, being Thifty and been a Good Cook. My first greatest strength is Christianity. I love going to church. The fellowshipping and social gathering that I have with my friends and fellow church members is always a memorable time. Being part of the senior mission and being a matron for the drill team takes a lot of my time. There is always something going on at the church, either children or adult ministries, therefore volunteering is always in demand. I volunteer a lot besides the two ministries that I am a part of. My second greatest strength is being a thrifty person. I guess that comes from growing up in a big household. I’m glad I am that way, because there is so many unnessary thing that a woman buys, such as having fifty pair of high heel shoes, or a hat to go with every suit. Having several suits, in every color. Wastefulness is one thing I see a lot of in the twenty first century. Now that I’ve retired my thriftiness has really paid off. My third greatest strength is being a good cook. Being a good cook has taken years and years to conquer. As a newlywed, I use to call my mother on every meal, asking her how to cook different dishes. She always gave me the ingredients, but the measurements was difficult for me to understand. Her...
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