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Topics: Sampling, Stratified sampling, Nonprobability sampling Pages: 3 (616 words) Published: February 28, 2013
*Defined as a small portion of some thing and then making a general statement about the whole thing. * is the process of selecting units
Sampling makes possible the study of a large, heterogeneous population
- Sampling makes this kind of study because in sampling, a small portion of the population may be involved in the study, which enables the researcher to reach all through this small portion of the study. Sampling is for economy

- it reduces the study population to a reasonable size that expenses are greatly reduced. Sampling is for speed
- If a research takes a long time to finish, there may be intervening factors that deter the reseacher from finishing his research Sampling is for accuracy
- The researcher must be finished within reasonable period of time so that the data are still true, valid and reliable Sampling saves the sources of data from being all consumed
- The act of gathering data may consume all the sources of information without sampling. Suppose that we want to find out whether bread baked in a certain bakery is delicious. Without sampling, we have to consume all the bread in the bakery before making any conclusion. In such case, there is no more bread to apply the conclusion to.

1. Appraisals that involve sampling are estimates and predictions only. 2. Estimations based on proportionately large samples and on representative samples are accurate. 3. Sampling may be temporal or categorical.

Categorical- if the sample is taken proportionally from categories for group
Temporal- when the sample is in terms of time.

Disadvantages of Sampling
* If sampling is biased, or not representative, the conclusion may not be valid or reliable. * The respondent to a study must have a common characteristics which is the basis of the study. * The sampling procedures become very complicated.

* If the researcher does not posses the necessary skill and...
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