My Spiring Vacation

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My Spring Vacation

This year’s spring break was very different from those in the past. Usually during this period of time, I would be spending a normal and quiet time at home, but this year, in celebration of my birthday, my boyfriend scheduled an all inclusive five day vacation in the Bahamas. I haven’t been on a vacation in a long time; that’s why I was hoping I would be able to have a good time. Who knew I would get sick just a few days before we were to head out. I thought I wouldn’t be able to enjoy this vacation, but who knew that once we got to the Bahamas, I suddenly felt that my body was extremely light, as if I hadn’t been sick at all. When we got to the Bahamas, my first impression was, “It’s so hot here!” I think it was the weather that improved my condition. The weather there is warm there all year round and the temperament of the people there is also very good. Maybe it’s just a stereotype, but I’ve always felt that all people there have great personalities. I seemed to have lost my sense of time in the Bahamas, and my attitude became like the attitudes of the people there, “No need to rush, just take it easy!” Having always been in the busy and bustling city, to me, this sense of time was very refreshing. I spent five romantic and happy days there.

All of this wasn’t the only thing that made me feel that this year’s spring break was different from before. This vacation left a very deep impression on me. I am unable to use words to explain how special and how important this period of time was for me.
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