Las Vegas Vacation

Topics: Poker, Slot machine, Gambling Pages: 2 (846 words) Published: April 15, 2012
In June 2010, my sisters and I flew to Las Vegas Nevada where my older brother lives. We stayed there for 2 weeks so me and my twin sister could become better acquainted with our half brother. Las Vegas is a beautiful place to live. While we were there, we visited lots of Casino’s and we even went out to the desert. I plan on going back to Las Vegas this summer to visit again. The Casino’s were some of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. The carpet in most of the casinos, have a floral type design with lots of different colors. There are hundreds of slots machines and video poker machines everywhere in the casino. The casino that we went to had an enormous arcade with every game that you ever played or desire to play. One of the casinos had virtual rides; they were miniature theaters with about 20 seats of nothing but pure fun. The one we rode on was the virtual roller coaster. We sat down and these huge fans that you can’t see turned on while on the screen, one sees the roller coaster as if one was sitting in the front car of the roller coaster ride. As the move is playing the seats move and jerk around like you are really on a real roller coaster ride. It was a crazy and wild ride I ever been on and I never left my seat! At the end of the roller coaster ride, one runs into a wall, it literally scared the hell out of me and my sister. We went on two other rides like the roller coaster ride. The one that I liked the best was a train ride that goes crazy and we ended up falling off a cliff. That was so much fun, that I almost peed my pants. Most of the Casino’s had very large and nice elegant restaurants and buffets where one can eat and have plenty of drinks. The Bellagio Casino had the best food on a buffet I ever ate. The buffet incorporates several live-action cooking stations and a level of food quality and presentation that I have never seen or experienced anywhere but in Las Vegas. The guests choose from all...
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