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  • Published : January 2, 2013
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The Grammar-Translation Method

The grammar-translation method of foreign language teaching is one of the most traditional methods, dating back to the late nineteenth and early twentieth century’s. It was originally used to teach 'dead' languages (and literatures) such as Latin and Greek, and this may account for its heavy bias towards written work to the virtual exclusion of oral production. As Omaggio comments, this approach reflected "the view of faculty psychologists that mental discipline was essential for strengthening the powers of the mind." (Omaggio 89) Indeed, the emphasis on achieving 'correct' grammar with little regard for the free application and production of speech is at once the greatest asset and greatest drawback to this approach. What is the grammar translation method

       1. The grammar- translation method of foreign language teaching is one of the most tradition method.        2. It was original used to teach "dead" language (and literatures) such as Latin and Greek, involving little or no spoken communication or listening comprehension. The characteristics

    1.A focus on learning the rules of grammar and their application in translation passage from one language into the other.     2. Vocabulary in the target language is learner through direct translation from the native language , it is taught in the form of isolated word lists.e.g. with vocabulary tests such as  The house = la case

The mouse = el raton
    3. Vary little teaching is done in the target language. Instead, readings in the target language are translation directly and then discussed in the native speaker. Little or no attention is give to pronunciation.     4. Grammar is taught with extensive explanations in the native speaker, and only later applied in the production of sentences through translation from one language to the other. Principles

   1. Literary language is superior to the spoken language.     2. Translating each language into each other is an...
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