My Room Description

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My Room
The majority of my downtime is spent in the comfort of my bedroom. Found directly at the top of the staircase, my room sits on the second floor of my one hundred year old Victorian home. There is much to absorb upon first glance, and it may not seem as welcoming as it is to me. But at any point during each twenty-four hour day I can comfortably enjoy the time spent in my room. My room is a fun, organized, and welcoming place to be.

The first part of my room that catches most people’s attention is my walls. Unless you look extremely closely, it is very difficult to determine what color my walls are. From corner to corner, ceiling to floor, my walls are covered with posters. Posters include photos of all types of sports like football, soccer, basketball, and snowboarding. The posters change the atmosphere of the room and make it different from a normal bedroom because there are so much exotic scenery displayed on the walls. For anyone who enjoys sports, a smile will immediately arise upon arrival in my room. My poster collection grew over the years, and once I ran out of room for normal size posters I filled in the empty spaces with pages from snowboard magazines. My favorite poster of all is a blown up photo of Michael Jordan jumping over the foul line to win the 1988 NBA Slam Dunk Contest. While this poster is by far my favorite, the majority of the pictures plastered on my wall are snowboarding photographs. From huge posters of massive mountain ranges to articles about my favorite professional riders, my room is surrounded by snowboarding. Amongst all these photographs, my actual snowboard leans against the crowded walls waiting for the next time to be ridden. I enjoy the ability to look up anywhere in my room and see an array of breathe taking snowboarding pictures from which I can get inspired by. Since I cannot be on the mountains all day every day, the next best thing is to surround my room with cool pictures of it. It makes me...
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