My Personal Manifesto

Topics: United States Constitution, Law, Federal government of the United States Pages: 6 (1980 words) Published: October 24, 2011
Socrates said “The unexamined life is not worth living.” I’ve taken some time to be alone, in quiet, and examine what I believe. Some of these are theological, some philosophical, and others are political. They are in no particular order and may not be comprehensive. These are right for me. You may feel differently and I’d love to civilly and respectfully discuss those differences. Here is the result of my self-examination of what I stand for. These things are an integrated unit so if you are interested, read them all first and then we should talk. I believe…

1. In the active participation of God in the world He created.
2. That God is knowable within the limits of human understanding.
3. That God is eternal, having always been and will always be.
4. All human life is to be completely protected from the moment it has a unique set of genes until it dies, even if the existence of that life is inconvenient or unwanted.
5. The earth is our home and we must use it responsibly and with a vision to preserve it while being able to enjoy it fully and so future generations will have that enjoyment as well.
6. In an America where the basics of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are the rule.
7. The law of the land is to be subject to the Constitution as it was originally intended by those who wrote it.
8. That as we have grown in our understanding the inherent equality of all people and the liberties due to them, the amending of the Constitution was necessary and within the view of the framers of it.

9. The Constitution is not dynamic. If the people believe there is a deficiency in the Constitution it must be amended, not reinterpreted.
10. Private citizens and the state and federal governments should seek to live with as little debt as absolutely possible and live within their means.11. To enjoy the inherent rights due to Americans, people must either be citizens, legally pursuing citizenship, or working in this country with appropriate permission.
12. The role the judicial system is to decide on conformance to the law, not to create, modify, or do away with laws.
13. That people who are capable of discerning what is right are accountable for their actions.
14. When people have violated the law they must be proportionately and uniformly deprived of their liberty after having been informed of their violation and convicted by a jury of their peers. When their debts are paid they must be freed and reintegrated into society.

15. Trust is earned and not deserved.

16. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Because of that, education of history must be how it really happened, not how we wish it had happened, even if it was embarrassing.

17. Nobody is privileged above anyone else.

18. When incontrovertible evidence exists, accountable people that have permanently removed people’s rights by depriving them of their lives with premeditation deserve to lose their lives.
19. The role of the legislature, both federal and state, is to make sure necessary laws exist to provide for the preservation of all people’s constitutional rights.
20. That I am entitled to practice my beliefs as are all others as long as the practice of those beliefs does not violate the rights granted to all Americans by the Constitution or as established in public law.

21. All people have a right to believe in their understanding of God, even if that belief is that there is none.
22. A free market is the best way to encourage innovation and promote prosperity.
23. Government is to serve the people at the pleasure of the people and to ensure that their constitutional rights are not violated. It should only be as large as needed to do that.
24. Legislators are obligated to personally read page of every resolution they vote on and to confirm that reading under oath or affirmation.
25. The law must be understandable by and be available to the general public.26. The...
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