My Personal Ethics Statement

Topics: Ethics, Morality, Middle school Pages: 2 (973 words) Published: February 2, 2013
Personal Ethics Statement
    I determine what is right or wrong usually by checking if it can fit into my ethic standard and general law. It is all-known that general law is sacrosanct, which set by government and everyone has to obey in order to make a peaceful society. So law is an essential part of my consideration of determination of right and wrong. That means anything against the law to me that there is no doubt this thing is wrong. There was a controversial murder case in 2004: A student Ma Jia Jue killed four of his roommates and fled. It was obvious that he has to admit crime and faced death penalty but story behind this crime made people had sympathy to him and they wanted court to forgive him and give him the second chance. Ma Jia Jue was a poor student and he worked hard to raise his family; He wore the simplest clothes all the time; He was a diligent and smart student and everyone expected he has bright future. But his roommates looked down on him and did many immoral things such as peed on his bed and put pepper in his water. He could not bear anymore and lost control. From my moral aspect I think his roommates were despicable and he was in the weak side. This issue reflected the tragedy of the poor in society. But no matter how the weak side is pitiful, doing a illegal thing is unforgivable and deserved law punishment and could not escape from it. So I think in this case, what Ma Jia Jue did was wrong.     My personal ethical perspective come from the education I had in school and the books I read. When I was in elementary school I like dawing so I took many brush and paint home to use and did not feel that was wrong. But one day teacher found that and had conversation with me than I started to realize what I did was wrong. I took those tools without realizing that was called stealing. And after I had Chinese class I learned many basic ethic perspective, so I would make less mistakes and know what I did was good or bad.      When I dealing...
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