My Perfect Job

Topics: Nursing, Healthcare occupations, Registered nurse Pages: 1 (375 words) Published: November 12, 2010
My perfect job without a doubt would be nursing. This may sound corny, but I love to help people. I think that it’s a fascinating job and I know that I will enjoy it. Also, I have a plan. First, I want to become a nursing assistant, and then go for BSN, and finally, a nurse practitioner. In addition, they are looking for male nurse. There are about 2,900 job openings in Massachusetts for registered nurse. Thus, it should be easy to find that particular job.

Nursing is a perfect job for me because I care about people, and I want to make them happy by assisting them. In addition, it’s a fascinating job which I will enjoy. I know that I will learn something new virtually every day. I also know the fact that it takes a couple of years to complete my goal. However, it’s my dream and I will fulfill it. I will keep studying no matter what happen.

At first, I want to become a nursing assistant, and then while working, I will continue studying for my BSN degree. When I get my BSN degree, I can work as a registered nurse which is my major, but not my main. While I am working as a registered nurse, I will keep studying for nurse practitioner. Even though, it’s difficult to find that job. Not many job openings for Nurse practitioner. Finally, when I accomplish, I am done studying. I am going to stay working as a nurse practitioner until my life ends.

So they are looking for male nurse. It shouldn’t be that hard to find this particular job, in particularly registered nurse, there are approximately 2,900 job openings. Unfortunately, there are about 50 job openings for nurse practitioner. Regardless of what I say, I will try my best to get into nurse practitioner. In conclusion, nurse is indeed the perfect job for me. I will surely enjoy helping people, and I will learn something new almost every day from patients. So I am eager to keep studying for higher careers. I don’t care what it takes, and I don’t care how hard it is, but I am going to fulfill my
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