History of John Howland

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Leslie Howland
1317 Firestone Road
Lititz, PA 17543
(717) 627-4768
(717) 368-8689
Email: lh005@lancastergeneralcollege.edu

January 1, 2011


Hello. My name is Leslie Howland and I am interested in a position as an Operating Room nurse for Lancaster General Hospital. I graduated from the Lancaster General College of Nursing and Health Sciences with an Associates Degree in applied Sciences with a Nursing Major in May 2011. In addition to being a member of the College's Dean's List for two semesters, I received both my B.A. in Communications and my M.A. in English Literature from Shippensburg University in 1985 and 1990. I used my education as a writer and proofreader for TV Guide Magazine and The Philadelphia Inquirer and later taught English Composition at Rowan University. In 2004, I started a successful pottery business while at home raising my three sons. Although nursing is a new career change for me, I have wanted to be a nurse since I was sixteen and a candy striper in my hometown hospital. I would be happy to forward any further information you may require, and I would be please to appear for a personal interview at your convenience. I can be reached at my home phone of 717-627-4768 or my email of lh005@lancastergeneralcollege.edu. I have enclosed a copy of my resume for you review.


Leslie Howland
Enclosures (1)

Statement of Beliefs about Profession
Description of Profession
I would like to work alongside physicians in the operating room, track patient's vital signs during operations and supervise the others in the room including surgical technologists and medical assistants. I would like to document all that occurs in the operating room. After a procedure I will monitor patients for signs of complications and provide educations to patients and their families about the recovery process.

Attributes of Professionals
Shadowing this summer, I witnessed men and women who were consummate professionals because of the magnitude of their responsibility. I witnessed intelligent, compassionate individuals who were dedicated to caring for others and who took pride in their work and the profession they served.

Belief in the Profession
I believe in absolute attention to every detail. I believe in the sacred responsibility placed in the operating room staff by the patient, the institution and peers. I believe honoring these multifaceted responsibilities allows for the cogs in the healthcare system to function smoothly for the larger goal of optimal health.

Why I would make a valuable employee
I would make a valuable employee for four very different reasons: my life experiences, my work ethic, my faith and my fiscal responsibility to my family. My life experiences range form teaching and volunteering to mothering and serving. The high and lows in life have taught me joy, humbled me and made me resourceful. My work ethic has stemmed from hardworking parents who believe that a person can shape her destiny with hard work and integrity--an this has held true for me through all of my life. My faith--my faith keeps me humble, obedient, loving and strong. And finally I would be a valuable employee because of my fiscal responsibility to my family. I have three beautiful sons and a wonderful husband. My husband has worked very hard so could stay at home and care for our children. Now that they are approaching college age, I would like to help my husband and children with upcoming college tuitions. All four of these reasons combine to make me a hardworking, reliable, cheerful employee.

Career Goals
My immediate career goal is to train to become an operating room nurse. I find this fascinating. My long-term goals are to get my children through college so I can concentrate on mission work. Additionally, I would like to write freelance articles on health and mission work.

Mandatory Requirements
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