My Memory

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Meachah Caamano
April 23, 2013
Period 1
My Memory
I have been to several places in the United States that I will always remember. However, they are places that I can always go back to and it wouldn’t really be a problem. I have been to Las Vegas, California, and Phoenix but the most memorable place would have to be Madrid, Spain.

I lived in Madrid with my mom, dad, brother, and my nana. We lived there several years and had so much fun while we were there. We all lived in this little house that was really crowded but we made things work. Living there was hard for us but it showed us how different living situations are in a whole different country. It also showed us how grateful we should be in the United States because we have it easy compared to other people.

There are so many cool things in Madrid that you wouldn’t see here. I remember one really cold night I went out on the balcony and I saw a whole bunch people still out partying, drinking, dancing and just having a blast in the streets. Also, a time when my dad told us to get ready because he found something cool that he wanted to show us. We did as he said and then followed him down the street for a couple blocks until we ended up at a staircase that went down into the ground. Under the ground was a whole entire mall filled with different stores of clothes, toys, body shops, and even some restaurants. I found it so fascinating because I’ve never seen something like it before. We enjoyed Madrid as a family and I got to see how fun life can be in other places. Things were great for awhile until my nana slowly started to get sick. Everything from there on started to go downhill. We found out she had skin cancer and she wouldn’t be living for much longer. From that point on we did anything and everything we could do in order to keep her with us as long as possible. However, time went by really fast and before we knew it, she was gone. All of us were so devastated and we didn’t know what to do...
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