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  • Published : January 6, 2013
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Daniela Gutierrez
Edward Cen
Fall 2012
Corona, 111st

The neighborhood that I chose to visit was Corona. I chose a specific area which is 111st. I used to live there and haven’t been around for about 5 years. I was very much attached to that part of corona because I lived there almost my whole childhood, my school was a few blocks away from my house and everything was convenient for me and my family. I lived there from the age of three to the age of thirteen. I was asked to write about a neighborhood I haven’t seen and I think that this is a perfect one because I used to be familiar with it back then. I think that since I haven’t visited for a while it is perfect for this assignment. When I went to 111st I thought everything was going to be pretty much the same but quite a few things changed. Before, it would be dangerous to go out to the park or anywhere because there were a lot of gangs. When I went to visit this week it was so nice. They made new apartments all over the place. The park where I used to go also changed a lot. It seems friendlier and the people that live in that neighborhood seem kind. I remember when I was a child my mom wouldn’t let go to the store alone even though it was right across my street because she knew about the gangs around. Another thing that changed about the neighborhood was that before, a lot of Dominicans and African Americans used to live there. Now, a lot of Asian people live there, especially in the new built apartments. I also saw that a lot of Mexicans and Ecuadorians live there. The house where I live is still there. I used to go to Luis Armstrong Elementary School PS.143. It was the neighborhoods closest school. I lived exactly 2 blocks away from it. That school has a lot of meaning to the neighborhood because Luis Armstrong himself used to live there. They have his house on 107st which is pretty close to 111st. That is a very important landmark. He was a very famous jazz musician. Back then 111st was...
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