My Literary Scrapbook: A Personal Journey through English Literature

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My Literary Scrapbook: A Personal Journey through English Literature

Introduction for Literary Scrapbook
I am excited to have the opportunity of analyzing the different literary works that are offered throughout this course. Studying the different eras of English Literature from, the Medieval through the Modern periods, will introduce me to a range of new aspects. Not only the English language, but English culture as well. I believe that this course will improve my grammar and spelling; helping me have a better understanding of different cultures. My goal for taking this English Literature course is to gain a better understanding of literature; creating a personal enrichment. I want to learn how to think analytically about what I am reading; by expanding my way of thinking. I hope to identify my personal connections to literature by creating a scrapbook on the literary information within the courses readings. The study of English literature is important, because it enhances reading and writing; as well as personal and professional skills of an individual. It is part of cultural history of a specific time. Like history one can learn from English literature; looking at the world from a different perspective and not making the same mistakes. Studying English literature introduces an opportunity to practice important written and communication skills. Thus creating a better understanding of complex ideas, theories, and how to research. All of these skills are essential in today’s job market. Overall, even though English Literature is a non-vocation degree, it provides all-round skills that can be applied to different careers rather that training for a specific job. I do not have any real fears going into this course. English literature seems a little intimidating, but I am eager to start this course. I will do my best as always, and apply what I learn to real life situations.

Literary Scrapbook Entry on Pride and Prejudice
The Literature Connection
When writing a story the most important tool for an author to have is a character. The character is a person who is responsible for the thoughts and actions within a story, poem, or other literature. In order for an imaginative author to form the plot of a story and create a mood, it is important to have the right character. Each character has his or her own personality (University of North Carolina, 2010).

Jane Austen does an excellent job of using the literary device of character in Pride and Prejudice to introduce several of the important characters. By using characterization to introduce her characters, Austen is able to gradually disclose the characters’ role in the story line. Through this direct characterization it allows the reader a short glimpse of each character’s personality. It also provides the reader with a good description of the different character’s contrasting behaviors; allowing the audience to create more of a report with each character (Austin, J., 1996). The Modern Connection

In order to draw knowledge of contemporary text and compare it to Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice by interpreting and analyzing we will study the character Elizabeth Bennet. As a woman of the 19th century Elizabeth struggles with her burden of deciding between marrying for love or financial reasons. If she marries for love she is basically rejecting an opportunity for financial security. This was a typical scenario during this time period. Elizabeth rejects Mr. Collins proposal at the protest of her mother, because she does not love him. A similar contemporary character Princess Jasmine in the Disney story Aladdin can relate Elizabeth dilemma. Jasmine is the head strong Princess of Agrabah who is being forced to marry by an age-old law. It requires that she marry by her 16th birthday. She must marry a rich suitor that her father approves. This...
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