Topics: Assessment, Summative assessment, Formative assessment Pages: 6 (1284 words) Published: January 17, 2013
ESLEO1 – English as a Second Language, Level E
Teacher: Ms. Tirogiannis Office: RM 218 Classroom: RM 146 Email: laura.tirogiannis@yrdsb.edu.on.ca Phone: 905-780-7858 ext. 583

Welcome! I am looking forward to a great semester with you. My goal is to help you develop English language skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing for everyday and academic purposes. At the end of this semester, you will be more confident in your English language skills. Course Description:

This course provides students with the skills and strategies they need to make the transition to college and university preparation courses in English and other secondary school disciplines. Students will be encouraged to develop independence in a range of academic tasks. They will participate in debates and lead classroom workshops; read and interpret literary works and academic texts; write essays, narratives, and reports; and apply a range of learning strategies and research skills effectively. Students will further develop their ability to respond critically to print and media texts.

Course Content:
Unit| Material Covered|
Unit #1| Choices and Identity * Through the study of various short stories and other texts, students will explore elements of the short story, literary devices and issues related to diversity.| Unit #2| News Today * Students will explore non-fiction texts.| Unit #3| Canada & the World * Through a novel study, students will gain an awareness of some Canadian issues in a world context. | Unit #4| Media & How to Make a Difference * Students will explore themes and point of view in media.| Culminating Activity| Culminating Activity * Students will be able to put together everything they have learned so far by creating a final essay that explores diversity and incorporates three mediums studied this term.|

Throughout the Course...
1. READING LOG: Students will be selecting texts to read, reflect and present to the class. 2. GRAMMAR: Regular grammar lessons will help students develop English skills. 3. MEDIA FRIDAYS: Every Friday, there will be listening activities and quizzes including watching, analyzing and reflecting on Canadian movies.

4. PERSONAL GLOSSARY: A notebook will be provided for use through all of your years in ESL (and beyond) to create a personal dictionary of learned vocabulary. Students will be marked on updating this with new words. DO NOT LOSE IT! Assessment and Evaluation:

Marks assigned and earned in this course will follow the general guidelines of 70% for unit assessments and unit assignments and 30% for the course culminating activities.

* Your success in this course is determined, in a large part, by your work habits. * You will be marked on these on the report card: responsibility, organization, independent work, collaboration (teamwork), initiative and self-regulation. DIAGNOSTIC ASSESSMENT:

* This will determine your current reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Formative Assessment:
* Based on your diagnostic assessments, you will then complete class activities and homework that will help you build your knowledge and skills. * You will receive direct feedback on your progress which will help you successfully complete the summative assessments. * The more effort and time you put into your formative assessments, the better you will do on your summative assessments SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT:

* You are expected to demonstrate certain knowledge and skills within each unit. * These assessments form the basis of your mid-term mark and 70% of your final mark. * Summative tasks are evaluated using a rubric and the achievement chart. CULMINATING ACTIVITY & FINAL EXAM:

* 15% of your final mark is based on this final written project and oral presentation. * 15% of your final mark is based on the final...
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