My Life Sucks

Topics: Poverty, Agriculture, Food Pages: 1 (380 words) Published: November 21, 2010
Life for serfs is very very very hard. I have to get up each morning at noon, eat a long breakfast of homemade bread and ale and then I'm off to the fields for a short day of work. We have to plants and harvest them at least one good crop a year or we will starve in the winter. We always plant and harvest at least ten million crops each year. After working all day, I sometimes stop in the village to get money before heading home to have my yummy dinner!!! then to bed I got to bed. Darla gets up at the crack of dawn as well. she never had my breakfast ready for me before I leave. Then she doesn't work at all...but she thinks it is hard for her and she eats all day and smells like crap.....her day is full of nothing. There's the vegetable garden to take care of and , clothing to wash, and bread to bake for tomorrow and , cloth to weave, and a house to keep clean. Rachel and Jake help her by tending to the animals (we have some pigs, some chickens, 20000 cows, and 600 sheep), and doing other chores. Chris usually works in the fields with me. He is learning to be a farmer so he can support his own family some day. When Jake is about 10, he'll come to the fields to work too. Until then, Jake attends school at the village church to learn some prayers and songs, and how to do a bit of math. Me and the serf men work very very long hours every day, no matter what , to make sure that our families have enough to eat and drink. Most men have farms, some families millers, blacksmiths, or tavern owners. Farmers are the base of our society. I work land leased to me by wealthier land people who are very very wealthy. We produce a lot of food, and pay most taxes. I don't work all the time though. On holidays we have feasts ask our family to eat it with us. We also celebrate the births of our kids and when someone gets married. We attend church and rest each Sabbath day.
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