Playing Beatie Bow

Topics: Woman, Learning, Marriage Pages: 2 (694 words) Published: May 19, 2008
Playing Beatie Bow

For women in the 19th century, life was very difficult. Most women in the 19th century mainly worked around the house doing housework. They didn’t have a good education, and were not treated well and had few rights. I think that people today still relate to women back in the 19th century but more seen to be lucky. What are the reasons that may be part of the cause to a very tough life in the 19th century for women? In the story playing Beatie Bow it talks about life back in the 19th century for woman, for example Dovey, Granny and Beatie in the book they lived a difficult life because woman had it hard.

Life in the 19th century was particularly difficult for women, as not many women had rights and were treated different to men. “Because I’m a girl, that’s why, and girls canna become scholars. Not unless their fathers are rich, and most of their daughters are learnt naught but how to dabble in paints, twiddle on the pianoforte, and make themselves pretty for a good match!” P.59 this quote explains how girls and women like Beatie can’t have a different job other than being a housewife unless they have grown up in a wealthy family. Women didn’t have rights in property, vote, employment and more. Most men would marry a woman based on how good they are at cooking, cleaning and housework.

A normal day for a married woman would consist of doing the housework which incudes cooking, cleaning, feeding the animals, sewing and more. “…I think you want to do other things besides learn how to feather-stitch and drop curtseys to rude rich old hags at the Ragged School.” P.57. I think some girls and women wished to do other things like Beatie, but most learned how to cook and clean and became a housewife. A daily routine would include daily jobs like for example on Monday a married woman would do the ironing and laundry and on would have been some chores that they did everyday like the cooking and keeping the fire burning. Married women were not...
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