My Life Plan

Topics: Physician, Medical school, Term Pages: 2 (535 words) Published: April 16, 2012
My Life Plan

My dream is to serve members of the community in the medical field as a Radiology Technician with care, compassion, and knowledge. I have had many influences from medicine, from past jobs as well as past experiences. I have worked in pharmacy as well as general medicine, internal medicine and orthopedics. My most significant influence to strive for a career in the medical field was by personal experience. My daughter was diagnosed with cancer at age 1. There were many, many doctors, nurses, radiologists, radiology technicians and medical personnel that assisted us in our long journey towards good health. Each of these had a huge impact on my life, now it is my turn to give back. In order to achieve my goal, my first challenge was to enroll in school. I have been out of college for over twenty years now; this was a huge decision, not just for me but for my whole family. My husband is also in medicine, he is a pharmacy technician and systems analyst at the hospital in the pharmacy department. Our girls, ages 17 and 9 are very active in school activities as well as sports and music; this meant they would have to take on more responsibilities at home. I am now in my first semester back in school. Just taking the first steps have been personally motivating as well as fulfilling. I know that any goals I set for myself are now within reach, regardless of whether they are long term or short term goals. I have set the bar high for myself, wanting to get A’s in all of my classes. Once my pre-requisites are complete, my next goal is to get into the Radiology Technician Program. Once I am there, I want to graduate with my Associates Degree as a Radiology Technician. I have my heart set on a career as a Radiology Technician. I want to help people as I have been helped by others. I want to be able to excel at my career, but also to provide the art of healing with compassion and care. I want to be able to help each patient with understanding, empathy,...
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