My Life Philosophy

Topics: English-language films, Reality, Existence Pages: 2 (555 words) Published: January 25, 2013
Bernadette R. Royo Prof. Erland Palean Humanities1 January 15, 2013 My Life Philosophy

Every individual has its own patented and peculiar way of elucidating and valuing life itself. I have my own rendition of how I appreciate life as God chose me to have this life I deserve to live. I belong to the highest form of living things that exist catalyze by the Creator with an important purpose in the earth. I believe my life will reap in accordance to what I sowed. I just borrowed my life which I need to take care, maintain its importance and live by God’s plan. On the other side, I viewed my life as a very short journey that anytime I get old, I may regret not living to its fullest by showing good things and sharing blessings to other people. Every life has its own different meaningful contents but this is up to me on how I live it. I am so thankful for letting God ruled my wasted life before. He drives it and brings me into righteous one. Real life brings me to attain the happiness that gives me great satisfaction. My philosophical meaning of happiness or achieving felicity is when I already have the things I wanted to and putting myself in prosperity. Happiness can heal the wounds I got, the sorrow I experienced and the frustrations I encountered. To discover that there is a great Creator who died and did everything for me is the first happiness I knew. Accepting Him as my personal Savior and knowing the purpose of my existence drag me to gladness. Having a complete happy family and good friends lead me to satisfaction. I found the real happiness I want in God’s presence. I knew someone holding my hands and protecting me. A Father who always saw me and reminds me whenever I choose to do wrong. The joy I felt every time I...
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