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My Personal Nursing Philosophy
Laura Lopez
The University of Texas as Arlington School of Nursing

In partial fulfillment of the requirements of
N3645 Transition to Professional Nursing
Jeanean Boyd, MSN, RN
January 29, 2012
Online RN-BSN
My Personal Nursing Philosophy
During my short experience in nursing, I have come to the realization that my practice evolves daily based on what I learn, see and often times teach. In this paper I will discuss the reasons for why I have chosen to be a nurse as well as outline the foundation of my philosophy on nursing. Naturally being a nurse I thrive on goals that can be measured, so I will also cover my own personal goals with regard to professional growth. Choice of Nursing

My decision to pursue nursing came as no surprise to most of my family. I truly enjoy caring for others and equally share a strong position to people being treated with dignity and respect. But if I had to say what really pushed me, I would say that it was because of a turn in my mom’s health. Six years ago my mom was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Coming from a very traditional Mexican family, my mom was very discrete when it came to any ailments that kept her from caring for others. She became increasingly weak and very anemic until one day she finally decided she should be evaluated. I remember feeling so helpless and vulnerable. All this time my mom had taken care of us and at this moment all I wanted to do was understand what was going on so that I could help make her situation better. Unfortunately our care was less than desirable. I decided then that I would be a nurse. I would take the challenge to help those in my community to understand more about their condition without making them feel incompetent to ask questions. I wished I could say that I choose to be a nurse because a nurse inspired. On the other hand, as I work side by side with my colleagues, there are a group of nurses...
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