My Life in Pink

Topics: Gender, Female, Boy Pages: 3 (1178 words) Published: December 12, 2011
Adam Bierenbaum
Critical Essay 1

The film “My Vie En Rose” meaning My Life in Pink tells the story of a seven year old boy named Ludovic who is convinced that he actually is a girl living in a boy’s body. He tells his parents that "I'm a boy now, but one day I'll be a girl." Even years before puberty, he knows that there was a mix-up when he was handed his gender assignment. The film deals of the stress that is not only dealt with by Ludovic but also how his family deals with his realization. The film which is part fantasy, part comedy, and part satire deals with the role of sexual stereotypes in today’s culture. In today’s society there is nothing socially wrong with a girl who is a tomboy. This is a girl who prefers playing basketball then playing with dolls. It is seen as just part of growing up. But when the situation is flipped, and a boy starts to do things that most girls enjoy, it is deemed unacceptable in some circles. The kid who does this is likely to become a social pariah. This is the situation dealt with in this movie.

In the film Ludovic has a distorted look at what gender is. He is convinced that he is a girl. We see him come to the family barbeque in the beginning of the film wearing a pink dress, he brings two dolls to school for show and tell, and he says he wants to marry his best friend, a boy named Jerome. But there are still thinks about gender that as seven year old he doesn’t understand. When his sister tells him that she got her period, Ludovic asks if he will one day get one too. To me it seemed like he didn’t quite understand what it meant to be a girl, beyond dressing in skirts, playing with dolls, and marrying boys. When he asked his sister “Am I a girl” you could tell that e was defiantly confused about his gender. When Ludovic finds out about chromosomes he thinks that his gender was just a mistake. He believed that instead of the female xx chromosomes that he was supposed to receive, he received...
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