Our Daughters, Ourselves – Analysis

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  • Published : October 26, 2010
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Our Daughters, Ourselves – Analysis
In this short piece, “Our Daughters, Ourselves” by Stevie Cameron the many feats that woman have overcome in recent years are highlighted, as are the many setbacks. This piece is basically a summation of a daughters life from an over-cautious parents point of view. Although this is a short piece of writing, it does indeed touch on some of the sexual differences that still exist in our society today such as male-dominated post-secondary fields like engineering and how equally qualified woman don’t usually receive the same level of jobs as men with similar academic credentials. The piece is told from the perspective of what I can assume is a mother that went through the same sexual differences in her era and is only hoping that her daughter does not have to go through the same hardships, only to find that society still isn’t equal no matter how much progress we have made. Cameron supports her whole piece of work at the end by mentioning the tragic events of the Montreal Massacre and how all of their lives parents have been telling their daughters that they can do whatever they want and have equal opportunity only to have their dreams burned down by a sexist male who could blamed woman for his failures. I found this article interesting as I found a correlation between the reading and many topics that I learn about in my Human Resources courses such as creating equality in the workplace and equal opportunity for both sexes. Cameron appears to voice her opinion on society view through a eyes that have seen first-hand the sexual discrimination within our society. Cameron’s piece is written in a forward-moving timeline and seems to touch on all the most important parts of a daughters life. Cameron’s voice is calm and hopeful as she articulates her vision of what she wishes society to be in the future. Cameron’s approach to voice is very unique as she flows back and forth between what the parent is saying to the daughter and what the...
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