my life in 5 years

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My life in 5 years
Motherhood is my calling in life, I feel as though it wasn't a choose but something I was born to do. Some people grow up wanting to be a fireman or dancer. I knew from very young that I was meant to be a mother and that one day my children will do something amazing. I have an amazing life, between my two amazing children, my days are filled with joy, happiness., and occasionally heartache. Everyday is a new adventure with them. I live my life with excitement and creativity.

My two children are similar in many ways but different, in their special way. My daughter Felicity is the joy of my life. Her personality is just like my sisters. Smart and creative, those qualities make her amazing. It make’s me happy knowing she is going to do big things in her life. I have another blessed child named John. He is a mini me and I am obsessed with it. He is always getting into trouble, like me as a child.

With having children I had a new difficult task, the task of letting them go as they grew up and face things, like kindergarden. I didn’t realize how much it would hurt to watch my daughter Felicity walk into the doors on her first day. The joy yet sorrow of seeing her smiling face disappear into that stone building. On the outside I was smiling and encouraging her inside the school. Inside though, I was sad because I realized she was growing up and wouldn't need me forever.

Just as I worry about Felicity growing up, I worry about John with all of his childish antics. The way he behaves reminds me so much of myself, it worries me. I am always on my toes around him,making sure he doesn’t get into trouble. Despite always being on my toes, I love it, because I can never be bored around him. With John he shows so many of my characteristics that bring up so many happy memories from my childhood. When I would always get into messes and break things. It makes me concerned about his childhood and what he will become.

I love taking them to the...
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