Missing Chapter 25.5 for Catcher in the Rye

Topics: Want, Need, Ice cream parlor Pages: 1 (367 words) Published: February 15, 2011
Paola Giron
Period 2
Missing Chapter 25.5
The tears that fall down my cheeks are not of the sadness of leaving Phoebe, but instead they are the tears of the happiness I can see in her riding on that carousel. Nothing has ever made me feel this happy inside. Phoebe approaches the bench where I’m sitting “Holden can we go get some ice cream now?”

“Sure Phoebe lets go”
As we make our way towards the ice cream parlor I start feeling very dizzy all over again. Just like at the museum. I try hiding it from her but she notices. “What’s wrong? Are you ok?”
I don’t respond to her. As in for now she can tell that there is something wrong. But all I can think of is those words on the walls. Are they signs of something happening? I can’t think thoroughly any longer. I try recovering on my own. Phoebe asks once more “Are you ok Holden?”

I finally decide to answer.
“Yeah, don’t worry about me. How about I take you home now?” In her face I can tell that she knows I’m not ok. She begins to shed tears of sadness knowing that she must go home now. I know that she wants to stay by my side, but I need to head towards Los Angeles as soon as I can. As we begin walking she says not one word to me. She also keeps her distance from me like in the street when we were walking at the zoo. Making our way back home, Phoebe finally decides to speak to me. “Holden please take me with you. I don’t want you to leave me alone” “I don’t want to leave you either, but I must go to school” We stay at the house for a couple of minutes and my parents come and find us there. They say I must be sent home since I am sick and all. I really cant say much of what happened after , just to say because I will miss Phoebe the most since she was a very cool person and all .
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