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Topics: Prom Pages: 2 (684 words) Published: October 31, 2010

This is a short summary about my interests and things that are interesting to me. Things like school, food, women, music, sports, technology, and money. All the things mentioned are just a few things that inspired me to be the person I’m am today.

School is one of the most important interest of mines. Because it’s a learning experience and doesn’t matter how old I am I can always continue my education, I also feel people are never to old to pick up a book an read or learn about new things. School inspired me in a major way growing up as a child. It inspired me because my mother always took my education serious. She would look me in my eyes “ whatever you do don’t give up and learn as much as you can”, she always stressed that to my two brothers and me, it really was hard on me because I was the youngest and whole family expected the out of me. Food

Food is my second interest, its been my best friend since I first seen, tasted and smelled food. I remember high school prom being held at the rooster tale, I remember the the food being the best part of the night. The food served at senior prom was colorful and delicious. I could not help but to see, smell, and eventually taste the food. The meals served consisted of a variety of foods like: chicken, mac n cheese, different types of bread and mashed potatoes. All the food mentioned made the prom a satisfying experience. When it comes down to food I can eat food ten times a day that’s just how much I love it. Women, money, and my life

My third Interest is women, money, and my life. A woman that catches my attention and interests have to look good, body just right, and she have to have a good head on her shoulder and knows what she want out of life. She also needs to be independent, smart, intelligent and a lot of fun. Therefore I have high intentions for the lady I want to be with for the rest of my life, and I hope she feels the same way about me because I know that women doesn’t want a...
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