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Education 1

The Importance of an Education
Ashley Todd
ENG 101-D20

Education 2
The Importance of an Education
When Alfie Kohn wrote his paper What Does It Mean to Be Well-Educated? he tried to focus on everyone's point of view. He wrote about how there are many different types of people who are able to hold a job with maybe just one degree against the other who may be unemployed but have multiple degrees. Why would having more initials at the end of your name guarantee your success in life? Why would his ex wife had endured 29 years of hard schooling just to end up using only one of her many degrees? There are many reasons one person may obtain multiple degrees such as a decline in the amount of people available in a position or even the necessity of that job field at all. I am in the middle of obtaining my very first degree from Liberty University and I could never imagine attending school for a total of 29 years. Everyday in my field I am learning new ways to manage my work more efficiently and control the outcome of my work. In any workplace an education is something that is held high on a pedestal simply because it means you have been to school longer but in some cases that does not mean you have a great education. When I was younger I was a child who attended so many school that it was hard to keep track of the school I was attending the next day. I could be considered a military brat and education was instilled in me at a young age. Even when I had issues with homework I was always forced to sit at the table and solve the issue out with some assistance from my parents. Being taught that an education was something that was a requirement made me more successful in my classes as I grew up. Even thought the many schools I attended focused on my different topics I was always willing to learn more. The fourth school I attended was my first school that focused on learning about God. It was a hard transition for me to go from a school who...
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