My Identity

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  • Published : January 30, 2013
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Shannon S.

My Identity?
There are many things I could start off with. Something such as giving you “The List” or a description of one moment that gave me a whole new revelation on the meaning of life, but let’s be honest how interesting would that really be? And in the midst of all of that I still wouldn’t be able to show you what I’ll be bringing to the table. Here on this paper, text, my personal statement is where I am supposed to express what makes me — me. I understand that putting a limit such as 500, 600, or 700 words maximum is just the process we’ve always had and it has to be this way just to get through all of the applications, but you’ll also have to bear with me of maybe leaving out some things just to keep it under maximum. Nevertheless I’ll be sure to make this reading as painless as possible. Thing is I honestly cannot say with full certainty that I know exactly who I am just yet. I believe that at this point in a teenagers’ life that you do not know exactly who you are or who you are going to be. Nevertheless there are always the ones who may have had their life planned out even to the brand of pencils they would use every day just to fill a mold or meet expectations. And then there’s me who sometimes, although it is scary to admit, is still unfolding and discovering the person I am now and where I’ll be going. What I know for sure is I like being a part of team, whether it be a sports team or a business project I’m always there for my teammates, coworkers, colleagues, etc.
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