My Ideal Room.

Topics: Marble, Light, Bed Pages: 2 (414 words) Published: October 25, 2011
My Ideal Room

My ideal room is inside a grand two floor French chateau which is located in a hilly countryside with quiet and cool environment.

My room is large and spacious, two hundred meters square in area and seven meters high. It is rectangular in shape. It is on the first floor of the house. Ventilated from three sides it has total six wide windows allowing refreshing breeze and sunlight to flow in. All windows have a frosted pearly- green sliding glass and two wooden shutters with delicately carved geometrical patterns. A ribcage of thin and neatly welded iron bars run horizontally across each window. The curtains are silk, off-white with vivid floral designs. All the doors are of teak wood painted milk white.

The floor is tiled with red and white marble in an alternate, chessboard-like way, covered over by a gray carpet with blue zigzags. The walls are covered with light blue wallpaper with textured design. The ceiling is white decorated with colorful mirror work. There are three chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. They have diamond-like crystal beads hanging from golden octagonal frames fitted with bulbs that are veiled over by small glass shells. There are four wall fans and three air conditions in the room.

My room has a king size bed with two drawers on either side. There is a grey iron cupboard for clothes. There is a silent reading area with my study table and three bookcases containing my favorite story books, interesting course books, encyclopedias and reference books etc. There is a glass magazine table with a comfortable armchair.

There is also an entertaining game area with a SONY gas plasma television on a black and silver trolley with two loudspeakers and a stereo not missing the captivating PlayStation 3 and I Pod. The desktop computer and printer are kept there on an office trolley along with a CD drawer. Plus there is a center table with a relaxing armchair to sit back and play.

There is a bathroom, its floor tiled...
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