My Ideal Mate

Topics: Marriage, Love, Positive psychology Pages: 2 (254 words) Published: April 29, 2011
I could come up with a very long list of qualities and attributes that I would like

for my ideal mate to possess. First of all, I would like for him to have a great personality

and sense of humor. He should be kind, loyal, honest, loving, sincere, affectionate, and

caring. He should also possess the qualities of maturity, integrity, and generosity. He

must have good morals and values and be a non-smoker and non-drinker.

I would like for my ideal man to be handsome and attractive in his appearance.

He would need to be open to the ideas of commitment, marriage, and starting a family

someday, because that is very important to me. My ideal mate would be a wonderful

husband and father. He should be able to openly communicate his thoughts and feelings

and share everything that is important to him with me. I would like for our relationship to

be the kind of loving, trusting relationship that everyone aspires to have. He and I will

share many common interests and aspire to achieve the same goals in life together. We

will have such a strong bond that nothing will ever be able to tear us apart.

Finally, what is most important to me is that my ideal mate will be a man who

loves me for who I am completely and unconditionally. I will also love him with all of my

heart and be completely devoted to him. He and I will share a lifetime of happiness

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