My Grandmother

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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My Grandmother

It was raining heavily. The sound of wind and rain mixed with a little boy's sorrowful and plaintive cring.That was me,who was only 6 years old.My mother left me in my grandmother's home stealthily while I was playing chess with my sister.At first I enjoyed funny games with my little buddies,however,I felt so hungry after a while.Thus I went here and there to find my dear mom who could give me something delicious.For obvious reasons,the little poor boy failed.My small heart was full of grievance and anger.As more and more hungry,my tears dropped,meanwhile,I missed my beautiful mummy so much.My old grandmother walked to me with a smile,because she saw me hiding in a corner like a pitiable cat.There was a big red apple in her hand which was for me,nevertheless,I preferred my tender mother."I want to go home.I miss my mom."I cried out.Grandma had no idea about me,consequently,she had to bring me to my home.So happy was I,and I could not wait any more.After my grandma hold me,we were on our way.The rain was cold and the wind roared.So strange were the sounds that I was scared,then my grandmother sang nice songs which made me get rid of the fear.I would be quiet to listen to her,since she sang like a bird.So tired was she that sometimes she carried me on her back.It is a long way to go home,simply because I slept on my grandma's back.While I opened my eyes I saw my dear mother then I screamed,which was a big surprise.When grandmother turn-back I took notice of her wet clothes.After a little while she went back home.
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