My Grandfather

Topics: Lesson plan, Family, Grandparent Pages: 1 (383 words) Published: February 21, 2013
A story written about a very special man that could always put a smile on your face, my grandfather. He had taught me several life long lessons that I hope to use everyday during my life and teach my children later on in their childhood. My grandfather was not a very wealthy man but if any family/friend asked for a favor my pap was there to give his assistance where it was needed.

My grandfather was nothing but short of a simple-minded man, and one would either see him walking or riding around on his motorized scooter. Over the nine years my grandfather was in my life, the first thing anyone could see in my grandfathers eyes was that his family was always first priority in his life. Anyone could tell where pappy’s family fell into his everyday life.

A lesson my grandfather taught me was how to butcher pigs from start to finish. When I was around six years old he put a 22 Rifle in my hands and his words of wisdom to me was “Don’ feel sorry, that’s our meat”. I shot the pig right between the eyes with my eyes closed, and my feet jumping out of my boots tremendously. I drug him out of the trailer and threw him onto a flat set of multiple boards next to a scalding trough full of hot water. The pig was scaled so you could scrap the hair off the pig with a sharp edged blade. My pappy taught me how to gut the pig completely clean, and cut all the meat and package it. I really cherish those moments because my grandfather couldn’t teach me the gifts I will someday teach my family. Since my pap passed away I still butcher pigs with the rest of my family. My grandfather started this tradition and it will live on just for him. I just hope in my future I can do the same as my grandfather did for my family. So the spirit of my grandfather can live on. I hope one day my children can realize all the things my grandfather did for me that I ‘am now teaching them. I thank my grandfather every day for giving me those special memories that everybody might not have....
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