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Organization: MyGrahak Shopping Online Ltd. Social Media used:

Purpose: Brand Building and Brand Awareness

Communication Strategy
Build Brand Awareness
Educate consumers to upgrade to Online shops Then redirect online shoppers to MyGrahak And make them Brand Advocates.

Physical Store
Category Awareness

Online Store


Brand Awareness


MyGrahak Facebook Landing Page

MyGrahak Facebook Home Page

MyGrahak Facebook True Fan Contest

MyGrahak Facebook Best Holiday Moment Contest

MyGrahak Facebook Guess the Name of Baby B Contest

About the Platform: Facebook
It is really


800+million users Avg. FB user spend >11hours per month Average user is connected to 80 community pages, groups and events

FB is overtaking Google and Yahoo in total time spent online

Harsh Facts
People are on facebook for themselves and not to promote your brand


96% of Fans never return to your Page

Fickle Fans Low Engagement Limited Measurement No Reputation

• Fans growth slow
•High attrition rate

• Fleeting conversations

•No performance metrics

•No influencer identification
•No user differentiation

How MyGrahak is meeting Challenges?

Quick Response

Eager to Delight
Deep Engagement

Deep Engagement
Using apps to generate compelling content.

Created a content Calendar
• Content remains fresh • Covers Following interests in a week Funny Videos/Images

Office Jokes Contests

Shopping Tips
Delhi Events Information

Blog Articles Offers

Products and Service Promotion


Sharad Pawar Slap case

Fresh & Timely Engaging Content Informative
Interesting Poll
Kite Festival in Delhi


About Google offering free website

Deep Engagement…
Posting content under 80:20 rule

Informative Educational
Brand Centric
80% 20%

Deep Engagement…
MyGrahak Two way dialogue

Customized landing page
Intriguing users to become a fan Generate interactive content

Quick Response
Thumb Rule to not to loose MyGrahak fans • Addressing fan queries, problems, issues with first priority. • Turning negative experience of user into positive by immediately lending an ear and attending assuredly.

• Curating content.

Eager to Delight

Fans are on a page for their own benefit and not for the page’s. Thus something more in addition to wall posts always works as a boost to them.

Recognizing top contributors and rewarding their efforts

Using gaming and contest mechanics

Improving buzz and let fans feel special on being at a happening place

• Images posted on facebook are added with a Short tag mentioning – “Delivered by MyGrahak”. These images works as viral for the brand when shared/circulated on FB by MyGrahak fans.

Facebook Activities
• Contests
True Fan Contest Concept: Be the most interactive Fan And win exciting prizes Duration: One week Impact: 160 fans added in just 7 days

Facebook Activities
• Contests
True Fan Contest Concept: Submit a pic of your best holiday moment and get it voted by your friends. Top 10 voted pics to win prizes Duration: One Month Impact: 600+ fans within a month

Facebook Activities
• Contests
Guess the name of Baby B Concept: Guess the name of Baby and first 10 right guesses to win prizes. Duration: 60 hours Impact: Over 500 name suggestions received

Facebook Activities…
• Freebies
– Offering free wallpapers in various resolutions

Facebook Activities…
• Dedicated Zones
– Fun Zone: Funny videos, pics, status, etc.

Facebook Activities…
• Dedicated Zones
– Office Zone: Office humors and business and professional tips.

Facebook Activities…
• Dedicated Zones
– Home Zone: Home tips, recipes, etc.

How to Reach the Customer
• Best method: via Newsfeed
Though 96% fans never return to your page but you can definitely reach out to their pages via regular news feeds.

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