My Goals

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Personal Philosophy:
* If it’s not expensive it’s not worth it , if it drives you crazy then don’t take it, if it’s all you have left in life then make it work, if you can’t find yourself then do something that’s more like you. Because in life nothing ever happens just by sitting there and not doing anything. You can’t make people like you but you can just be happy and be yourself, because not everyone is lonely in the world, someone has to like you. You have to stop being someone you’re not and start showing everyone the real you because who knows they would probably like the real you. If you don’t like how you look well don’t get mad start running that’s just the only way you can feel better about yourself. Work Philosophy:

* Work Hard, Try Hard, do good, be the best, & get out there and show them what you got, because what you have inside of you is what people want to see. If at life you ever fall just get back up, learn from your mistakes and try not to fall back down. It’s your responsibility in what you work for, it’s your responsibility in who can trust you, and it’s you who makes you. Don’t lie, don’t cheat, love what you work for; show them you can be the best employee on the job. Don’t work for something you don’t love because doing that won’t make you happy just lazy and it can even get you fired because you would always have an attitude every time you walk in, and no one wants to have that kind of employee . Mission Statement:

* I am a hard worker, I will give it my personal best at all times, I will not lie, cheat, or steal. I will focus on my goals and as I achieve them I will thank the people who have helped me get to the place I am now. I will learn all I have to so I would be at my best as I walk into the other side of the world as I become a more responsible adult. I will learn from all my mistakes, and try not to make the same mistakes happen again, don’t wait for the last minute to do something do it as soon as possible. I...
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