"My Genome, My Self" by Steven Pinker

Topics: Psychology, Nature versus nurture, Genetics Pages: 2 (554 words) Published: May 2, 2011
In “My Genome, My Self,” Steven Pinker wrote about how he was getting his genome tested and where exactly personality traits came from. I thought that this essay was very interesting because it had a lot of information in it, with facts from all different sides of the spectrum. Pinker talked about the sciences of how geneticists proved that every trait a person can have can be linked to genes. He also talked about some part of personality traits are part environmental, yet not the majority. Last he mentioned the “brute chance” of traits coming and growing into a person.

Even though scientists have proven that genetics can be responsible for all traits, I still believe that some of them are brought out by the way we were brought up. Eric Turkheimer said, “The nature-nurture debate is over… All human behavior traits are heritable.” I believe that they may be traits, but the way we act upon them is in favor of the nurture side of this argument. I believe that I am a very smart individual. I can solve math problems that kids in my grade have never heard of, i.e. derivates, integrals, etc. I also correct my peers’ grammar all the time. I was raised in a home where C’s were failing and B’s were barely acceptable. I feel that if I had been raised in a “C’s are okay” household, I would have a C average. I may be extremely intelligent, but I would become lazy and not try so hard.

There was a quote on that said, “Having a version of a gene may change the odds making you more or less likely to have a trait, all things being equal, but as we shall see, the actual outcome depends on a tangle of other circumstances as well.” (140) This statement agreed perfectly with my opinion about this subject. I believe that if I was raised different, I would be different. This essay had a very stiff argument against my own, as well. It talked about how identical twins are more alike than fraternal twins. Biological siblings are more equal than adopted siblings. And identical twins...
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