My Freshman Year

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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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Freshman Year
The first day of my freshman year was something serious ! I was ready to see all my friends from Beck Academy and I had my cute outfit on ready to see how everyone had changed. I remember I was lost the whole day! I think I was late to most of my classes and kept leaving on the wrong bell. My freshman year was a good year for me. I seen a boy who I thought the world of he was a senior and I thought he was so cool. I couldnt even believe that he would go to this school. I thought he was the cutest guy in the world.

My freshman year alot of people changed for Beck. Some of my friends started to take an interest in girls. Some of them became pregnant and some of them started to get "spread around". My friends became my enimies. People I was bestfriends with soon became strangers. People I didnt even know started disliking me. The boys werent any better! They started drinking and smoking and In my freshman year I went to my first rave! Everybody that was at the rave was turnt up to the maxium I loved the rave's then, but know its more better things to do.

During my freshman year I played basketball for J.L Mann my couch was Mr. Walker. I was on the JV team and it was fun! We werent very good but we did better than the JV boys. I didnt even score a point during the whole season I tried to come back and give it another try but it didnt work out. My freshman year my favorite teacher had to be Mrs. Ellis she was my math teacher an she was so nice but she used to cry when we didnt listen. She was so sensititve but nice !
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