My Favorite Restaurant

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  • Published : February 14, 2013
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My Favorite Restaurant
Technique #5

“The trouble with eating Italian food,” says Woody Allen, “is that five or six days later you’re hungry again.” This is, any way you put it, true. My favorite restaurant, Olive Garden, proves Woody right. When you get there you’re starved, rapidly going over their perfectly priced menu items, flipping through its pages, after ten minutes of going back and forward with the menu you finally decide. Your order is brought to you within minutes, you take your time enjoying your food in that comforting atmosphere, and once you’re done you’re hunger is more than satisfied.

The worst thing that could possibly happen is to arrive at a restaurant, famished, and none of its menu items please you. Well that happened to me once: my family and I were on vacation and we had just finished coming back from the water parks - picture our hunger - after half an hour of searching for a restaurant we finally found one - “Tony Roma’s,” Read the sign out in the front. It sounded pleasing. It was all fine until I looked their menu, I could probably list their menu items with one hand. Well with Olive Garden it’s the total opposite. Its menu contains the most scrumptious meals on earth and not just a couple, but many of them.

Finding a good restaurant is not hard, but finding a good affordable one is. Remember when I said they had perfectly priced menu items, well I wasn’t lying. An amazing dinner for a family of five comes out to being around $80 to $90. That’s pretty good if you ask me. The great thing is, if you love food like me, is that there plates are twice the size of what a grown man could possibly eat, which you end up taking home - and possibly eating a day later, when you’re finally hungry again.

Don’t you hate those annoying waiters, well I do. You won’t ever find them in Olive Garden, well at least I haven’t seen any around in the many years I’ve been eating there. Their clean, comfortable atmosphere is probably what I enjoy...
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