My Favorite Community Helper

Topics: Theory of multiple intelligences, Intelligence, Assessment Pages: 4 (834 words) Published: June 17, 2013
Title of Lesson: My Favorite Community Helper

Topic: Community Helpers

Subject Areas: Language Arts, Social Studies, and Fine Arts

Grade Level: 1st Grade

Description or Outcome Statement:
Students will listen to a haiku poem about a Construction Worker. Together, students will brainstorm and create a haiku poem about pilots. Then individually, students will create their own haiku poem about their favorite community worker.

Specific Lesson Outcome Statement:
1. Students will listen to the teacher read the haiku poem Construction Worker. Describing the traits, values and responsibilities of a construction worker. (Cognitive – knowledge, comprehension, Psychomotor – Visual, auditory discrimination, Learning Style – visual, auditory, Multiple Intelligence - musical) 2. With teacher’s help, students will brainstorm and create a poem about pilots. Including in the poem, some traits that pilots have, their values and responsibilities. Cognitive – application, evaluation, Psychomotor - expressive & interpretive movement, Multiple Intelligences - musical) 3. Then students on their own will pick a community helper they admire and write a haiku poem about them. In their poem they must include things that make their community helper special, and the responsibilities they have to carry out. (Psychomotor – expressive & interpretive movement, Multiple Intelligences –musical, intrapersonal) a. A rubric will be used to record responses and behaviors for individual students during the reading and the activities that follow.

Georgia Performance Standards:
ELA1R6 The student uses a variety of strategies to understand and gain meaning from grade-level text. ELA1W2 The student writes in a variety of genres, including narrative, informational, persuasive and response to literature. ELA1LSV1 The student uses oral and visual strategies to communicate. SS1E1 The student will identify goods that people make and...
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