Song Writing: Personal Experience

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  • Published : November 11, 2010
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We created this poem by first brainstorming and then we put our thoughts onto paper. When we were thinking of the poem it just inspired us to keep writing and writing until we had a full poem and song. We all worked really hard putting the poem and song together. Everyone had different roles to take a part in; so if one person slacked off their job, then we were going to be in a bad position. So that everyone had a role, we decided to break the job down into three different jobs. One person created the tune, one person did the lyrics and making the tune sound right with the song, and the other person made sure all the questions were together and started writing the rough draft. In the end, we put all of our jobs together to make one big project that we could all be proud of, knowing that we all contributed to the project. All we really did to create the tune was try out a bunch of different sounds and see if they matched the song and lyrics. It took us a little while to come up with the tune because there were so many options. It’s so frustrating, how are we supposed to choose? We had to narrow it down to three or so and then we had to go from there. After a while we finally come up with the perfect tune to fit the song just right. The hardest part of making the project was really improvising and improving our song to make sense and sound right. In order to write a song, we had to have some inspiration. We got our inspiration by listening to other songs and taking just a little bit from each one and fit it all together to make one tune in which we used for our song. I’m really not sure if were going to be writing anymore songs in the future, but we’re up for the challenge. There are positives sides and negative sides in writing a song. One of the positive factors in writing a song is that we get the full experience that professionals have. Our group has realized that this is an opportunity you can’t let down. To be a part of this has...
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