My Facebook Friends

Topics: Facebook, Social network service, Mark Zuckerberg Pages: 2 (688 words) Published: September 19, 2012
My Facebook’s friends

Collins English Dictionary declared “Facebook” as the Word of the Year in 2009. Based on my eight years of experience as a Facebook member with about 2500 friends on the social network, I decided to classify my friends into four different types of categories. These four categories are addicts, lovers, regulars and those that don’t really care for it but they are tired of people telling them to open a Facebook account.

First, I have the “Addicts”, whom are those that couldn’t survive without Facebook in their lives. Usually they don’t spend too much time in front of a computer during a day, but every time they do on get on a computer it is for “Facebooking”. In most of the cases if these people found themselves in a situation where they have to use a computer for something, they’ll do it while at the same time keeping track on what’s happening on the social network. Addicts don’t just use computers to keep track of their Facebook profiles; they also have smartphones and tablets that are fully capable of keeping them connected to the network. Their number of friends usually rounds between 3000 but not a more than 5000 friends in which most of the time they really only know a maximum of 1000 of these people. For addicts Facebook is a daily necessity as opposed to a regular person whose necessities are food and water. They update their profiles at least from ten to twenty times at day, posting in Facebook every single event that occurs in their lives.

In second place and just giving a little less importance to their online social life I have the Facebook “Lovers”. These people are those who don’t keep their profiles updated as much as addicts do but still post any important event that affect their lives onto face book. Some of these events can be like new items purchase, new relationships, important pictures, and good or bad experiences at work or school. For lovers, Facebook is a daily necessity too but not as much as what addicts...
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