My Dream Career

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  • Published : August 10, 2010
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My dream career is to become a registered nurse with a master diploma of Business administration and nursing. Since my mother-in-law surgery two years ago, l have realized that nursing is the perfect profession for me because nurses are the people who never stop caring and always there to help, as shown in above diagram. I am thrilled and honored to have the opportunity to become a university of Texas Nursing graduate. By becoming a registered nurse with an MBA, l will be able to help people not only at their bedside, but l will also be able to implement changes that will ultimately revolutionize the hospital experience. To achieved this dream, l have designed a structured and unyielding plan for myself to reach this goal.

The first step, which l have already started, is get my prerequisite done with good grade so that l can be accepted into the nursing program at the university of Texas at Austin. The university of Texas has a highly ranked Nursing program and is unique because there is no medical school on its campus. The school offers a strict, demanding and competitive graduate programs for student to earn their registered nursing licenses. The university also offers a variety of highly competitive graduate for nursing students. In order to be accepted into the programs. I have to work hard in my prerequisites to receive the highest grades and scores. And I have to been practice multiple SAT tutoring courses, in order to make myself stand out from the other students applying.

The second step to achieving my goals is getting through the upper division program with a high grade point. Once a student enters upper division,...
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