My Daughter Katlin

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  • Published : March 21, 2013
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Christy Patterson
Ginger Marcinkowski
English Comp 121
February 24th, 2013
My Daughter Katlin
I want to tell you a story of a sweet, kind and generous person whom has not only grown up so quickly before my eyes; she has taught this first-time mother what it is to give true unconditional love. My daughter, Katlin, since the day she was an infant, she has been nothing but a mild mannered child whom is pleasant to be with. I could not have asked for a better child than her; she brings laughter and love into my life, which I have always wanted for my family. Through the good times and the heart-stopping moment, where I learned how mothering comes into play, I survived it all. From the first night I brought her home, when she was a newborn, to preparing her for school, and seeing her develop a kind, generous and well rounded child. I have always heard that being a mother is a 24 hour job, that statement is very true, I have been going non-stop. The first night home, bringing her from the hospital after she was born, proved to be a challenging one. My husband, at the time, had to leave out of state, to go to work. Which left me and my newborn baby girl home alone, with no help; I felt very isolated and abandoned as if I were an orphan left on the church steps to fend for myself. I was overwhelmed with the notion of, “I wish my mother were alive to be here for me” I needed my mother badly. After four hours of sleep, Katlin woke up crying needing a dry, clean diaper and some formula. I was in my new rocker recliner that was so comfortable you could sleep like a grizzly bear during winter; feeding my girl. Once she had finished her bottle, and she was burped thoroughly, I had to get up to go to the bathroom. At the moment I arose from the chair, I instantly lost my balance.

Knowing, Katlin was in my arms, my worst fear flashed in my head, like bolt of lightening, I was going to fall or drop my newborn one of us was going to get hurt. In that...
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