My Classroom

Topics: Learning, Childhood, Teacher Pages: 3 (998 words) Published: December 12, 2011
My Classroom 1

My Classroom
ECE 312
Crystal Daniels
November 28, 2011

My Classroom2
My Classroom
Classrooms besides the teachers are the essential for children to start learning. The classroom is where the children are going to spend part of their day and it has to be comfortable and warming so they can feel like if they are at home and stay. Children need to see things that will get their attention and want to use the objects they see in the classroom. As a teacher you need to see that you have the correct equipment, furnishings, and materials you are going to use to support what you are going to teach the children. The classroom environment has to be calm and lovely for children to get along and be comfortable with everyone including the teacher. My classroom environment would be having space, space is great because this way children have their own spot and are not all bunched together, this may make them feel uncomfortable. I would have my classroom well decorated with materials we are going to use during the time school is running. Having decorations of different things will attract the attention of the children and will open their curiosity of what it means and this way is how we can start the learning process. A classroom that feels warm and with love is what helps a child have confidence in staying and try new things that are not at home. When arranging a room it must permit all children accessibility, the ability to enter all parts of the environment including bathrooms and to access equipment and materials and

My Classroom 3
availability too, the ability to participate in all experiences ( Decker, C.A, Decker J. R, Freeman, N.K, Knopf, H.T., 2009). My room first of all will have a map of the whole classroom showing what is where and to show the children and parents where the exit is in case of an emergency and where to go. My classroom for preschoolers...
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